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Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

Taku Lanes bounty falls on first league night

Barry Stuart
Charlie Lewis bowled the first 300 game of the Taku Lanes winter season on opening night, Friday, August 31.

The Taku Lanes Winter season is underway and, as in past years, a bounty of $300 was issued for the first perfect game of the league season. Last year the bounty wasn’t claimed until half way through the season. This year it happened on the first night of TGIF League play.

Charlie Lewis hit the mark in the second game of his three-game series on Friday, August 31. Lewis bowled a 246 in game one, the 300 in game two, and a 154 in game three for a total 700 series.

Taku Lanes Honor Scores for week ending August 31, 2012:

Women’s Top 10 Scratch Game: Cindy Stuart 214; Kimberly Vaughan 202; Katie Damian 202; Rochelle Mahoney 188; Carlene Bednarowicz 188 Luann Powers 181; Leslie Dumont 180 Shirley McCoy 180; Ginger Griffin 176; Kathy Dvonak 175.

Women’s Top 10 Scratch Series: Cindy Stuart 584; Katie Damian 531; Kimberly Vaughan 520; Rochelle Mahoney 495; Leslie Dumont 481; Ginger Griffin 476; Virginia Custer 468; Bonnie Lanz 464; Tanya Lewis 464; Carlene Bednarowicz 460.

Men’s Top 10 Scratch Game: Charlie Lewis 300; Kyle Lanz 279; Randy Storey 252; Stan Stauffer 246; Jim Tyner 244; Ted Wilson 243; Brillo Chilly 242; Ben Manly 242; Dave Rose 233; Keith Brundige 224.

Men’s Top 10 Scratch Series: Kyle Lanz 718; Charlie Lewis 700; Keith Brundige 656; Dave Rose 647; Kim Custer 644; Randy Storey 632; Stan Stauffer 620; Jim Tyner 620; Ben Manly 619; Tim Sewill 618.